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Latest News

  • 17Apr
    COGO+ Pro updated to Version 4.03. See the release notes for details.
  • 31Oct
    COGO+ Pro, COGO+ Std and COGO+ Lt for HP 49g+/50g updated to Version 4.02.
  • 27Jul
    COGO+ Pro and COGO+ Std updated to Version 4.01.
  • 06Apr
    COGO+ Pro and COGO+ Std updated to Version 3.64.
  • 25Feb
    COGO+ Pro updated to Version 3.63.
  • 22Feb
    COGO+ Pro and COGO+ Std updated to Version 3.62.
  • 22Jan
    COGO+ Pro updated to Version 3.61.
  • 10Dec
    COGO+ Pro updated to Version 3.60.
  • 1Dec
    COGO+ Pro and COGO+ Std updated to Version 3.59.
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David White, Professional Surveyor in MI, USA

"This software is excellent. I have been a user of various HP-based cogo programs (TDS, SMI, etc.) for over 25 years, and this is better than all of them. I have had COGO+ since version 2.12." Read More

Mark Miller, Surveyor in Alberta, Canada

"COGO+ was an invaluable tool during my time as a geomatics engineering student. Simply put, it made learning intuitive and fun." Read More

Javier Larez, Venezuela

"The interface to enter the data and visualize the results is excellent, and among many other fundamental options that it has, it allows import and export data to a PC. Also to create files to be viewed in both AutoCAD and Google Earth." Read More

Gerald S. Smith, P.L.S., Florida, USA

"COGO+ is an excellent program that offers what you need via a very intuitive, menu-driven interface. It’s all there...traverse, inverse, intersections...the area function can even plot the figure and then export to a dxf file so you can import it into your CADD software!" Read More

Younis Qrinawi, Section Engineer in Oman

"COGO+ is amazing as I have been used various calculators software (Casio, Psion organizer, etc.) for more than 24 years extensive experience on field and land surveyors management, and the COGO+ since its early version approve to be the best one for both site and office work..." Read More

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