CAD Utilities

Utilities and files for CAD software.

LISP Utilities

A collection of LISP routines has been packaged into a single download.
Current Version: 1.68 - December 11, 2016

  • jwlisps.lsp - The LISP file with all the commands in it.
  • jwlisps.pdf - Documentation summarizing each routine.
  • get_jwlisps_2016.bat - Batch file to download, install, and configure all files for MicroSurvey CAD 2016. Includes text file with instructions.
  • get_jwlisps_2017.bat - Batch file to download, install, and configure all files for MicroSurvey CAD 2017. Includes text file with instructions.


Command Description
jwlspver Returns the version of the jwlisps.lsp file
50, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, 175, 200, 240, 300 Starts a DTEXT command with Leroy text height as entered. Works correctly with both metric and imperial drawings, uses the "Standard" text style and whatever font is assigned to it
3dpt2pt Draws a 3D polyline point to point by point number
3drange Draws a 3D polyline connecting a range of points and optionally only points with a certain description in that range
3dp2dp Draws a 2D polyline in the same location as a 3D polyline and optionally deletes the original 3D polyline
3d2plan Transforms selected 3D entities (points, lines and polylines) to a 2D plan view
atd2txt Converts all attribute definition entities to text entities
circle_cds Circle-Center-Diameter with Input Scale Factor applied if toggle is set
circle_crs Circle-Center-Radius with Input Scale Factor applied if toggle is set
di_run Pick locations to return direction and distance between last two picks, and a running total
drawdiff Imports design and as-built coordinates and draws difference in position
front Calculates the percent frontage and perimeter of a parcel by selecting entities (arcs, lines and polylines)
georef Geo-references drawing entities by matching a pair of local points to grid points
insertscale Inserts a correctly scaled and labeled scale bar into model space. Requires special scale bar blocks added to the Blocks search path directory, such as C:\ProgramData\MicroSurvey\MSCAD\2016\Symbols
invptcurve Inverses points to a curve and displays offset, stations from both ends, and cut/fill
invptline Inverses points to a line and displays offset, stations from both ends, and cut/fill
laycount Counts the number of layers in the current drawing
layfile Writes a file with all the layer names in the current drawing
layprint Returns a list of all the layer names in the current drawing
modlen Modify length of a line or arc relative to mid-point or end-point
ms_rescale2 Scales all TEXT, MTEXT and DIMENSION entities, then ms_rescale
offset_s Offset command that scales the entered offset by the input scale factor
plotscale Determines plot scale by specifying desired ANSI sheet size and picking the area to be within the border. Also draws the border and sheet extent
pmbc Create PMBC layers and moves selected entities to those layers
polyselect Uses polyline for selection set boundary (window or crossing polygon)
polysta Labels 2D Polyline with station intervals or picked points
pp Store points by picking locations
printdxf Prints the DXF codes of an entity selected
pts2file Writes a file in X,Y,Z or P,X,Y,Z or X Y Z I R G B format of selected point nodes
pts2obj Draws circles, spheres, cubes or places blocks at location of entered points and/or ranges or at selected point nodes
rotblock Sets block rotation to drawing view rotation
rottext Sets text rotation to drawing view rotation
savedwgvars Creates a file of a list of current drawing variables
setdwgvars Sets the drawing variables in the current drawing from a previously saved list
setev Sets all entity extrusion vectors to default (0,0,1)
square Squares up all the corner angles of a closed polylines to 90 degrees
tbox Draws a box around text entities
transent Transforms selected entities from one coordinate system to another based on entering the same parameters as a Helmert’s transformation
transpts Exports a range of points to a CSV file and allows for the application of a scale factor and coordinate shifts
vtface Flips points on vertical face (such as a wall) to a plan view
wblockall Creates a DWG of every block in the drawing, stored in drawing directory
ze Zoom Extents
zw Zoom Window

Font Files

The MSURVEY.SHX font included with MicroSurvey CAD is missing some character definitions, most notably the ² and ³ characters. A modified version of this font has been converted to Unicode and adds six new characters:

  • MSURVEY2.SHX - This font adds six missing characters, insert them with their \U+ Code, for example \U+0394 will insert the Delta symbol. The ² and ³ characters can also be inserted by using %%178 and %%179 respectively. The symbols and their codes are shown in the image below:

NOTE: You can rename the MSURVEY2.SHX font to MSURVEY.SHX and replace the font with that name in your "C:\Program Files\MicroSurvey\MSCAD2016\fonts" directory (or similar directory) to make use of the new characters in any drawing already using that font for any text style. Other than the new characters, there should be complete backwards compatibility with your drawings that used the original MSURVEY.SHX font.