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Answers to some common questions are provided as a quick reference for anyone seeking clarification on any specific aspects of the COGO+ software. Submit your question(s) if you think they should be posted on this page.

Where can I find the internal serial number of my calculator?

The easiest way to find the internal serial number is to install whichever edition (Lt, Std or Pro) of COGO+ you feel best suits your needs. The internal serial number is displayed on the first screen when you run the software; until the software is activated. Alternatively you can use the command SERIAL on the calculator which will return a string similar to "HP50 Serial Number: CNA0000000". The numeric characters at the end of the string are required to generate your unique activation code.

Why do I get the same results in metres as in feet when switching unit settings?

The primary distance unit setting DOES NOT AFFECT JOB COORDINATES. The primary distance unit is for input/output display only. The setting changes what happens when a m<>ft conversion is done and affects geodetic<>grid input/output. To change a job from metric to imperial or vice versa it is required that you scale all points. This behaviour is consistent with how a CAD drawing operates. The coordinates are essentially unit-less, the setting is used to configure how the coordinates are interpreted for input and output.

Does COGO+ function as a data collector?

No, COGO+ is not a data collector. COGO+ Pro includes a Traverse program which allows manual entry of measurement data to store 3D coordinates, calculate stakeout, etc. but communication with total stations is not enabled. No plans exist to add such capabilities.

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