Simple Geospatial Solutions

SGS Prime COGO Version 1.1.0 released February 28, 2018.

Simple Geospatial Solutions is pleased to announce the release of SGS Prime COGO Version 1.1.0. This is a free update for Version 1.x licenses.



  • Added Curve Through Fixed Point option to Horizontal Curves in Tools Menu.
  • Added Spiral Curve Solver option to Horizontal Curves in Tools Menu.
  • Added Degree of Curve calculations button to calculate the radius in the Circular Curve Solver.
  • Added quick buttons to add/subtract angles to a line direction in the Closures Add Line input form.
  • Added ability to copy various calculation results to the Clipboard.
  • Spanish Language Translations updated and improved


  • Inverse Curve (3 Point) and Inverse Point to Curve input forms could crash after second try with invalid input data.

Installation files for Version 1.1.0


Updated reference manual


If you have any questions or wish to report a problem, please email