Simple Geospatial Solutions

SGS Prime COGO Version 1.1.2 released March 19, 2018.

Simple Geospatial Solutions is pleased to announce the release of SGS Prime COGO Version 1.1.2. This is a free update for Version 1.x licenses.



  • Device ID now contains information about the type of device SGS Prime COGO is running on. A single license can now be used to activate SGS Prime COGO on two devices:
    • One HP Prime Calculator
    • One HP Prime Virtual Calculator (versions exist for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android)
    NOTE: Existing license holders may email for information on how to add a second eligible device to their license.
  • Language resources improved.


  • In some instances the help text area would not update 100% when switching between input form fields.

Installation files for Version 1.1.2


Reference manual


If you have any questions or wish to report a problem, please email