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SGS Prime COGO Version 1.2.0 released July 28, 2018.

Simple Geospatial Solutions is pleased to announce the release of SGS Prime COGO Version 1.2.0. This is a free update for Version 1.x licenses.



  • Added a secondary distance unit setting, useful for unit conversion. Options include Metres, Feet, Links, or Chains. Conversions are supported wherever distance input is provided.
  • Added English terminology localization setting. Select North America (default) or South Africa to modify some of the terminology used.
  • Improvements to the RPN Calculator.
  • Added option to Circular Curve Solver to calculate tangent offsets.
  • Added Alignments feature:
    • Complete Alignment Editor to define and edit 3D road alignments. Available components include the horizontal alignment (straight, curve, or spiral-curve-spiral segments), a vertical profile (straight or parabola), cross section assignments, and station equations.
    • Cross section template editor.
    • Solve 3D coordinates of any station and offset along alignment.
    • Auto-store points at specified station intervals. 3D points are calculated at cross section breaks at each station and stored in the points database.
    • Export the alignment in LandXML format.
  • Added Leveling feature:
    • Enter and edit field observations to create a digital field book.
    • Review the entered data in a layout similar to traditional paper field book.
    • Store the Elevation of any station to a point in the points database.
    • Export a text file of the field book formatted observations.
    • Export the observations to a STAR*NET *.dat input file.
    • Calculate cuts/fills by measuring a backsight to any station; then providing a design elevation and an observed rod reading.
  • Added French language support.
  • Various other minor improvements.


  • Fixed incorrect Point IDs displayed with Inverse Angle calculation results.
  • Fixed issue with angles input when angle unit setting was decimal degrees or gons.
  • Fixed possible crash with invalid point range input.

Installation files for Version 1.2.0


Reference manual


If you have any questions or wish to report a problem, please email