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SGS Prime COGO Version 1.5.1 released May 26, 2019.

Simple Geospatial Solutions is pleased to announce the release of SGS Prime COGO Version 1.5.1. This is a free update for Version 1.x licenses.

Improvements / Changes

  • A new Quick Closure feature is added to the Areas / Closures options.
    • Optimized for quick entry and ease of use, no points or coordinates are required.
    • Solves for missing dimensions.
  • Various improvements to the RPN Calculator.
    • Added ability to store and retrieve variables.
    • Added ability to enter and display feet, inches and fractions.
    • Improved menu system and other optimizations.
  • Changes to app structure and installation procedure.


  • Solving for coordinates by interval or equal partitions within Inverse Points or Inverse Curve did not solve the beginning and end points. When offsets were specified this could be problematic.
  • Various minor bug fixes.

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Installation files for Version 1.5.1


Reference manual

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