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SGS Prime COGO Version 1.7.1 released September 29, 2019.

Simple Geospatial Solutions is pleased to announce the release of SGS Prime COGO Version 1.7.1. This is a free update for Version 1.x licenses.


NOTE: Since Version 1.6.0 the app is distributed separately for each language. Due to multiple reports of memory-related errors and inability to install the app in some cases; the decision was made to release the app as a separate download for each language. Future releases will reduce the size of the app further by optimizing the code. The L8 and L9 lists requirements introduced in Version 1.5.0 are no longer required and can be cleared from your HP Prime calculator to free up memory.


  • Fixed issue with converting azimuth (DMS) to quadrant bearings while entering or editing a direction input.

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SGS Prime COGO v1.7.1 Deutsch
SGS Prime COGO v1.7.1 English
SGS Prime COGO v1.7.1 Español
SGS Prime COGO v1.7.1 Français
SGS Prime COGO v1.7.1 Português

Installation files for Version 1.7.1


Reference manual

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