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SGS COGO+ is available in Lite, Standard and Professional versions. All versions will run on the HP 49g+ and HP 50g calculators while the Lite version can be installed on the HP 48gii calculators and various emulators for the HP 49g series. Our educational program is aimed at post-secondary students of land surveying and related studies.

The Lite version is free of charge with no restrictions.

Feature Comparison

Compare the features available with each version of SGS COGO+ and view a summary of the included features.


IMPORTANT: If you're planning to use the Connectivity Kit to install the software on your HP 50g with the USB cable; please read this document for setup instructions:


COGOlt48.zip and COGOlt50.zip each include the three library files (L930.HP, L931.HP and L932.HP) necessary to install and run COGO+ Lt. The files for the 48gii are designed for the smaller screen, otherwise the programs for the 48gii and 50g are nearly identical.

SGS COGO+ Standard

COGOstd.zip includes all necessary files to install and run COGO+ Std.


COGOpro.zip includes all necessary files to install and run COGO+ Pro.

Download the Release Notes.

License Terms

Before you buy
  1. Review the Features summary to determine which edition of COGO+ best suits your needs.
  2. Download the appropriate program files from the Downloads section.
  3. Install the software on your calculator or emulator following the instructions available from the Documentation section.
  4. Preview the software in the available DEMO mode at no charge.
  5. Purchase the appropriate COGO+ Activation Code for the edition you installed by completing the "Buy Now" option below.

When you purchase a SGS COGO+ Standard or SGS COGO+ Pro license; you will receive the activation code by e-mail that unlocks the software to function on your calculator.

  • This code is transferrable to a different calculator should damage or loss occur.
  • Future updates are included and may be installed at no charge when they become available.
  • Full support with any software related issues or questions you may have.

Educational Program

SGS COGO+ Standard and SGS COGO+ Pro are available at a discounted price to students.

To qualify you must be enrolled in a surveying or engineering related program at a post-secondary school.

Program instructors are eligible for a free educational license. Please email sales@sgss.ca to request your free license.

Buy Now

Choose the license to purchase, and enter the SGS COGO+ internal serial number of your HP 50g calculator in the box provided, then click the "Buy Now" button. The transaction will be completed on the PayPal hosted pages that follow.

A PayPal account is optional, and not required to complete a "Buy Now" transaction.

The required Internal Serial is displayed by the software after installation.

Choose License
Internal Serial (as shown)
School Name (Students)

NOTE: We accept Interac e-Transfer from customers in Canada. Email sales@sgss.ca if you prefer to use this payment method.


If you previously purchased SGS COGO+ Standard and find you require more functionality; a license upgrade to SGS COGO+ Pro can be purchased for the difference in cost of the licenses.

Choose Upgrade
Internal Serial


To purchase SGS COGO+ Std or SGS COGO+ Pro together with a SD card and/or HP 50g calculator, please visit http://www.calculatorsource.com/surveying.html, located in California, USA.


Customer reviews of the SGS COGO+ software.

“This software is excellent. I have been a user of various HP-based cogo programs (TDS, SMI, etc.) for over 25 years, and this is better than all of them. I have had COGO+ since version 2.12.
Where else can you communicate directly with the developer, who obviously has a passion for the product, as evidenced by the regular upgrades.
The software is robust and full-featured (I especially appreciate the "complex" bearing/distance entry, which allows for multiple arithmetic operations to be performed simultaneously with coordinate input). The leveling program is also excellent.
The combination of features, support/upgrades, and price is untouched anywhere else.”

David White

Professional Surveyor Michigan, USA

“COGO+ was an invaluable tool during my time as a geomatics engineering student. Simply put, it made learning intuitive and fun. The continuous improvement and development of the program offers future potential. I highly recommend it to anyone pursuing a surveying career whether student or professional.”

Mark Miller

Surveyor Alberta, Canada

“For many years I have been using COGO+ and I can asseverate that, it really has done my work easier, so it saves me a lot of time when I do my calculations.
The interface to enter the data and visualize the results is excellent, and among many other fundamental options that it has, it allows import and export data to a PC. Also to create files to be viewed in both AutoCAD and Google Earth.
No doubt this software is highly recommended.”

Javier Larez

Surveyor Venezuela

“I’ve been using various surveying programs in Hewlett Packard calculators for nearly 30 years. In that time I have never been quite satisfied, there always seemed to be something missing…something that didn't seem quite right...
Then along came the HP50G and COGO+.
COGO+ is an excellent program that offers what you need via a very intuitive, menu-driven interface. It’s all there...traverse, inverse, intersections...the area function can even plot the figure and then export to a dxf file so you can import it into your CADD software!
The data manipulation is a breeze, too. You can import/export coordinates and point descriptions and go back and forth with your desktop using an SD card. Say you have 200 points in your CADD/geometry software you want to stake in the field... just dump the coordinates into a text file, put the data in the proper format, stick the file on an SD card and suck it right into COGO+. Simple is good is simple.
Jacob’s software is, in my opinion, the best we have. I wish he was older and had written it for the HP48 years ago!!”

Gerald Smith

PLS Florida, USA

“COGO+ is amazing as I have been used various calculators software (Casio, Psion organizer, etc.) for more than 24 years extensive experience on field and land surveyors management, and the COGO+ since its early version approve to be the best one for both site and office work as the interface user friendly and running step by step to guide you for the perfect solutions moreover the developer (Mr. Jacob Wall) very active and to help any user immediately without delay as far I deal with him since 2011 and he can accept any valuable idea for developing the software, congratulation Jacob for the continuous successes.”

Younis Qrinawi

Section Engineer Oman