Simple Geospatial Solutions

Land Surveying Software for HP Graphing Calculators

Simple Geospatial Solutions develops, sells and supports land surveying software for HP graphing calculators.

In addition to the calculator software we provide some free-of-charge File Converters to convert survey measurement data between different formats.

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  • Custom software for HP graphing calculators
  • Custom file converters to convert survey data
  • Custom LISP programs for CAD

Software for HP Prime

Latest Version: 1.10.2

The HP Prime graphing calculator today is the most advanced device of its kind, and when combined with the SGS Prime COGO app creates a tremendously capable calculations solution for land surveyors everywhere.
The calculator features a beautiful color touch-screen that is easy to read and intuitive to use, and a blazingly fast processor making complex calculations instantaneous.
The software is created by surveyors, for surveyors with unparalleled functionality and usability in mind. The graphical user interface is quick to navigate and very easy to learn.
Data exchange is supported with a variety of formats including CSV, KML and DXF point files, LandXML alignments, STAR*NET format export of Level observations, creation of neat HTML reports of closures, and more.

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Software for HP 50g

Latest Version: 4.20

The HP 50g graphing calculator is a legendary RPN/RPL machine widely used by surveyors and engineers worldwide. SGS COGO+ includes many advanced capabilities to make this a winning combination.
Although the HP 50g has been discontinued, the longevity of these devices means that the calculator and software continue to be relevant and widely used.
SGS COGO+ was created by surveyors, for surveyors with an emphasis on usability.
File transfers are a breeze with the SD card capabilities of the HP 50g, and various file formats are supported for both import and export.

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