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The steps below outline a general procedure to install and activate the COGO+ software.


  1. Review the Solutions page to determine which edition of COGO+ best suits your needs.
  2. Download the appropriate program files from the Support page.
  3. Install the software on your calculator or emulator following the instructions available on the Support page.
  4. Preview the software in the available DEMO mode at no charge.
  5. Purchase the appropriate COGO+ Activation Code for the edition you installed by completing the "Buy Now" option below.


When you purchase a COGO+ Activation Code you receive a code by e-mail that unlocks the software to function on the calculator or emulator with the serial number or seed number you provide.

  • This code is transferrable to a different calculator/emulator should damage or loss occur.
  • Future updates are included and may be installed at no charge when they become available.
  • Full support with any software related issues or questions you may have.

Other Info

  • Canadian orders are subject to GST/HST. (830416319 RT0001)
  • Discounts are available when purchasing multiple activation codes, please email for more information.
  • Student discounts are available for students in a related field of studies, please email for more information.
  • Payments are processed securely through PayPal.
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NOTE: Please email or call 778-977-6685 if you would like assistance with the installation process. No purchase required.

Activation Codes

An activation code is required to unlock all the features of the software. Once the software is installed, a screen similar to the screen captures below displays the internal serial number that is required to purchase the activation code.


Buy Now

To purchase a activation code simply enter the internal serial number of your calculator in the box provided and click the "Buy Now" button, then follow the instructions on the PayPal hosted pages that follow.

You are NOT required to have a PayPal account to complete a "Buy Now" transaction. Look for the option as shown below to pay without a PayPal account.
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Internal Serial Number


Internal Serial Number


Internal Serial Number


To purchase COGO+ Std or COGO+ Pro together with a SD card and/or HP 50g calculator, please visit
located in San Francisco, California.
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