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Support and Downloads

Documentation is provided in a PDF format which can be viewed on a PDF reader such as the Adobe Reader.

Reference Manual

Portions of the reference manual last updated July 27, 2014. Complete manual is ~2.8 MB, 153 pages. NOTE: Hyperlinks are only functional in the full document.

Complete Reference Manual
Chapter 1 - Installation
Chapter 2 - User Interface
Chapter 3 - User Settings
Chapter 4 - BACKUP.HP and RESTORE.HP
Chapter 5 - COGO Menu
Chapter 6 - Adjustments Menu
Chapter 7 - Surveying Menu
Chapter 8 - Tools Menu
Chapter 9 - Data Menu
Chapter 10 - Geodetic Menu

Program Files

  • and each include the three library files (L930.HP, L931.HP and L932.HP) necessary to install and run COGO+ Lt. The files for the 48gii are designed for the smaller screen, otherwise the programs for the 48gii and 50g are nearly identical.
  • includes all necessary files to install and run COGO+ Std.
  • includes all necessary files to install and run COGO+ Pro.

Tips and Suggestions

While the HP 48gii, 49g+ and 50g are quite powerful and capable, they do not have very much memory available for data storage. Most users may never experience memory related limitations, however it is something to be aware of. Working with very large job files causes a slow-down for some applications. The following tips can help if memory becomes an issue:

  1. Keep your HOME directory free of any unneeded variables to maximize available memory.
  2. Move jobs to the SD card that you want to keep but are not using.
  3. Delete jobs you no longer are working with.

Customer Support

If you have any questions or require assistance, e-mail or use the form provided to submit questions and/or comments to Simple Geospatial Solutions.

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